Dipping into Upcycling

Dive into a flavorful and educational evening at 'Dipping into Upcycling,' where you'll indulge in upcycled sauces and fries, discover innovative food solutions, and explore how upcycling supports a more sustainable food system

Dipping into Upcycling

Calling all flavor & eco-enthusiasts! Ever wondered about upcycling in food or its impact on the circular economy? Curious to try fries with tasty, upcycled sauces? Join us at ‘Dipping into Upcycling’ for answers and flavorful fun!

• Indulge in a variety of delicious sauces crafted from upcycled ingredients paired with crispy, golden fries.
• Discover upcycled food products and solutions
• Learn how upcycling can support a more sustainable food system

Date: 13th of March 16:00 – 18:00, drinks afterwards
Location: Plus Ultra II- Atrium in collaboration with Starthub
Wageningen University & Research Campus

Hosted by Greencovery

Praktische informatie

Wednesday March 13th, 16:00 – 18:00
Plus Ultra 2 – Atrium, Wageningen Campus, Wageningen, Bronland 10, 6708 WH


Laura Munoz

Meer weten over Foodvalley Upcycling Community Hub

Met het lanceren van de Foodvalley Upycling Community Hub binnen de Week van de Circulaire Economie beoogt Foodvalley NL met de Upcycling Community een zichtbare en centrale hub voor Nederland te worden als het gaat om circulariteit en voedsel. De Upcycling Community vormt een groep van internationale organisaties, die zich samen inzetten om meer reststromen uit de agrifood sector richting menselijk voedsel te verwaarden.


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