SGL Lecture on the circular economy – from theory to circular sextoys

SGL Lecture

The circular economy is becoming increasingly important. For our current prosperity, we use more than two earths of resources. We only have one earth and we have to make do with that. That means we have to adapt drastically and quickly also because the world population is still growing and more and more people want to become even richer. In this Studium Generale lecture, Gjalt de Jong introduces the how and why of the circular economy with tips for businesses and consumers.

Then our master student Megan Nation presents her research which will make you laugh at first but which shows that science is not boring at all: recycling sextoys. We produce huge amounts of sextoys worldwide. The largest producer is right in Drenthe and sponsors FC Emmen! But can we also recycle them? They often consist of precious raw materials and throwing them away is, of course, a waste. Megan will talk about shame, taboos, and possible solutions. At the end there is plenty of room for questions.


Praktische informatie

Dinsdag 12 maart, 20:00 – 21:00
Campus Fryslân, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, De Beurs (Wirdumerdijk 34, Leeuwarden)


Susanne Wolbersen

Logo Week van de Circulaire Economie
Logo Week van de Circulaire Economie

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