SDG Pubquiz online

A pubquiz to have people learn about the Global Goals and where we stand halftime, in a fun way.

Do you know everything about the SDG’s? Or do you know nothing about the SDG’s and are you curious to understand what all the fuzz is about? In both cases, and all cases in between, you are more than welcome to join this fun online quiz! It will help you understand more about where we are with the goals, now that we’ve just passed halftime. We entered the second half, last year, and if it were a game: this is the half in which will be determined whether we win or loose. So get onboard, buckle up and enjoy this educative journey of an hour through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals! Everybody is welcome!
And….the winner, or winning team, will get a beautiful price, of course, which will be sent to your home :-)!


Praktische informatie

Monday March 11th, 16:00 – 17.00
Online evenement


Vivienne Dorenbos-Reesink

More about Viv van VivU BuntU

Facilitator of Transformation & Social Entrepreneur. Developing and leading change processes, team development, leadership development at universities and companies, among others. Transformation and social innovation projects, including in education and ecosystem restoration based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Regenerative and integral leadership development.


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