Circular Business Consulting ⏤ Interactive workshop

Become an immediately relevant, highly effective, well recognized and better paid circular economy expert in YOUR micro-niche, doing what you know and love.

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🚀 Imagine confidently marching to your manager, asking for a raise for your circular economy skills and impact, and not just getting a ‘yes’ but a well-deserved promotion! What if reshaping your career for more impact, recognition, and financial rewards was within your grasp?

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The belief that circular economy efforts should be voluntary is outdated and harmful, it delays a more sustainable future and deprives you of amazing career opportunities.

Are you maximizing your circular economy skills to boost both your impact and your career? Join us for 1.5 hands-on hours to learn about all 4 components of a highly successful circular economy expert in YOUR micro-niche and delve into the first crucial step: becoming immediately relevant.

Someone will become that expert in YOUR micro-niche, why not you?


Praktische informatie

Troian Circular Business Consulting
Vrijdag 15 en zaterdag 16 maart

Duration: 1.5 hours
Time and location: Session 1: online / link will be provided
Session 2: on location, Utrecht /exact time and location to be confirmed
Preparation (optional): check out your free guide provided below


Mariia Troian
+31 6 17 91 30 34

Logo Week van de Circulaire Economie
Logo Week van de Circulaire Economie

Meer weten over Troian Circular Business Consulting

I am Mariia Troian, and my mission is to make every industry circular, one micro-niche expert at a time. I achieve this by collaborating with individuals to reshape their professional narrative and become immediately relevant, highly effective, well-recognized, and better-paid circular economy experts in THEIR micro-niche, all while doing what they know and love.


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