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Workshop recycling and upcycling

Welcome to Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts, where creativity meets sustainability!

At our creative space, we’re passionate about incorporating eco-friendly practices into everything we do. That’s why we specialize in workshops that utilize recycling and upcycling techniques, breathing new life into discarded materials like leather and fabric. Join us for engaging workshops where you can unleash your creativity while also contributing to a more sustainable future. From crafting stylish bags and trendy shoes to cozy slippers and beyond, there’s no limit to what you can create with us. Discover the joy of transforming unwanted materials into beautiful, functional items, all while reducing waste and supporting environmentally friendly practices.

Let’s craft a brighter, greener future together, one recycled masterpiece at a time!


Practical information

The exact date and time will be announced soon…
Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts Oudeschans 21, Amsterdam


Esther van Schagen
06 44 72 83 19


Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts
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Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers creative courses. You can study shoemaking, photography, acrylic pouring, clay, painting, sewing and more. We work with professional artists and artisans who love to share their knowledge and love for the products they work with. We work a lot with re- and upcycling techniques, like making bags or shoes from discarded materials. We are also currently working on a bigger project for Amsterdam center, where we will create a large recycling hub for the community, to hand in materials from which we will be able to craft new items!


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