Invite only: Ecosystem Therapy

An evening melting together with nature

🌿 Ecosystem Therapy – An Evening Melting Together with Nature! 🌳🌐

Do you still feel connected to the landscape and the ecosystem? In ancient times, we were nomads, wandering through the landscape, nourishing ourselves with seasonal delights, and moving on when the local ecosystem could no longer sustain us. Gradually, our daily environment shifted from open air to indoor spaces with walls and ceilings. Nature became a place we visit.

To tackle challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss, it’s crucial for us as humans to reconnect with nature and truly understand the ecosystem. This evening of Ecosystem Therapy is your chance to discover how, all while having a blast with a group of like-minded power ladies. Will you be joining us? Invite only!🌿✨

Practical information

Thursday March 14th, 18:00 – 21:00
Circular Innovation Lab
Hof van Cartesius, Vlampijpstraat 84, 3534 AR Utrecht


Sandra Horlings
+ 31 6 39 03 68 69

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