Would it be possible to rebuild local, textile and fashion systems to support environmental goals, bringing together farmers, experts, makers, fashion companies and end users?

Consumers, and some fashion professionals, have almost forgotten the link between clothing and agriculture, any fiber that isn’t oil-based, derives from the land. The Netherlands has a rich agricultural history, leading science, innovation, and creative institutes, and once had a thriving textile industry.  

Driven by globalization and the uptake of petrochemicals, fashion supply chains have become increasingly opaque and polluting. Fashion brands and retailers rarely (if ever!) produce their products locally, resulting in regionally grown raw materials being exported or destroyed. 

In the light of rising awareness around climate change and the importance of nature protection, there is a small but growing awakening that, fashion should play a role in caring for the land and animals it depends on. 

In our presentation, we will share case studies of various fashion companies that are working more closely with farmers, the results they have obtained, and the key elements needed to do this successfully. We will lay out the current textile- and fashion-scape in the Netherlands, as well as the hurdles and opportunities to build local supply chains. We will explain our envisioned journey to re-build fashion supply chains, giving visibility to existing makers, enabling collaboration, and re-awakening people to the origin and value of their clothes. We will end with a call-out to land stewards, agricultural experts, creators, makers, and producers linked to the textile and fashion industry to join us in our journey.  

The Fibershed Netherlands foundation aims to develop, together with existing initiatives, circular, textile, and fashion chains in the Netherlands; Land-to-Wardrobe systems that support the regeneration of land and bring about increased respect for the origin and value of our textile and clothing. 

Met o.a. de volgende sprekers: Stijntje Jaspers (mede-oprichter en voorzitter Fibershed Nederland) & Martine Nieuwenhuis (mede-oprichter Fibershed Nederland)