Take a deep dive into the circular design principles of product disassembly and reassembly and learn & discuss about the insights & learnings from TU Delft, Philips and CIRCO.

The objective of circular product design is to keep the value of the product, parts and used materials for as long as possible. Designing a product in such a way that the product and its parts can be easily disassembled and reassembled enables the possibility for maintenance, repair, refurbishment or upgrades. And it facilitates the process that valuable parts and materials are recovered and reused by the end of the product life cycle.

In this webinar we will make a deep dive where actual knowledge & experience from science and practice will be shared and discussed.

Bas Flipsen, senior lecturer at Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, will show two concrete tools (Hotspot and Disassembly Mapping) to explain the relevant factors to assess the “ease of disassembly” and he will illustrate this with a case study.

Philips and CIRCO will share their practical learnings and insights based on their design experiences. We will talk about the main challenges and dilemmas with regards to design choices and discuss how these choices can be influenced by different perspectives, such as financial, logistic or regulatory perspective.

Are you a product designer, product architect, circular product consultant or design teacher and looking for expert knowledge to design circular products? Would you also like to share your knowledge and discuss this with experienced people? Register immediately, because the number of places is limited!

This Expert Café is organized by CIRCO together with TU Delft. CIRCO is currently working with various partners on developing a Circular Design platform. The aim is to collect, enrich and actively distribute Circular Design knowledge on a continuous basis. So that companies and designers can apply this in their daily practice. At the same time, this knowledge feeds other stakeholders in the circular transition (e.g. policymakers, researchers) with insights to improve the conditions for the transition. This Expert Café is a meeting to share the knowledge of the Circular Design platform.


16:00 – 16:10 – Introduction platform Circular Design
16:10 – 16:35 – Hotspot en Disassembly mapping by Bas Flipsen, senior lecturer at TU Delft
16:35 – 17:00 – Learnings & insights from daily practice:
Francesco de Fazio, Circular Product Design at Philips Innovation Services
Tom Evers, CIRCO trainer & owner D’Andrea & Evers Design
17.00 – 17:30 – Exchange & discussion with the audience and Q&A

Met o.a. de volgende sprekers: Bas Flipsen (senior lecturer at TU Delft) Francesco de Fazio (Circular Product Design at Philips Innovation Services) & Tom Evers (CIRCO trainer & owner D’Andrea & Evers Design)