Let's take the lean startup to the circular economy! We will use the Circularity Deck - a card deck based game of circular economy strategies - to design experiments you can run with your business.

Generate circular economy ideas and learn how to test them in real life.

Making first steps on your journey to the circular economy is easy. You only need to know where to start. In this workshop, we will use the Circularity Deck, a cased deck based game – to identify low-hanging fruits of how your business can become more circular.

In the spirit of lean startup, we will take your ideas and design experiments to test your assumptions about if and how the ideas can be implemented.

Key outcomes:

  • Overview of circular economy strategies
  • Generate ideas for your business
  • Learn how to test them in real life

This workshop is facilitated by Prof. Dr. Nancy Bocken and Dr. Jan Konietzko from project Circular X at Maastricht University.

Met o.a. de volgende sprekers: Nancy Bocken (professor in Sustainable Business at Maastricht University) & Jan Konietzko (sustainability advisor & Postdoc Research Fellow @ Circular X)