Students from RUG Campus Fryslân partner up with Frisian organizations and businesses to tackle current sustainability issues!

Are you a student of the master Sustainable Entrepreneurship or the bachelor Global Responsibility & Leadership at RUG Campus Fryslân? Are you curious how businesses embed sustainability and circularity in their operations? And do you wish to contribute to this transition yourself?

During the Week of the Circular Economy, Circular Friesland invites you to meet and engage with Frisian organisations working in the circular economy.

During the session, these organizations will present a current sustainability issue, for which they need your help! With your knowledge and expertise, you are able to put a new perspective on these issues, which assists these organizations to develop possible solutions. This event will not only help organizations, but will also give you the perfect opportunity to experience what entrepreneurs struggle with.

Last but not least, it helps you to broaden your network, while organizations get to know super enthusiastic and knowledgeable young professionals.