Why use brewer's spent grain (BSG) for human consumption? This event will show you which applications for BSG there already are and will cover market trends, insights, and opportunities.

How brewers’ spent grain can be used for more valuable products

It is estimated that about 39 million tons of brewer’s spent grain (BSG) is produced annually worldwide and sold for animal feed. A missed opportunity. Because this waste stream can also be used very well for human consumption.

Brewer’s spent grain is very high in protein and energy. Now it is mainly used in the feed sector, while spent grain could also produce delicious healthy bread. You can also add BSG directly to products such as cookies, biscuits, muffins, yogurt and milk and ready-to-eat snacks.

There are other benefits to using BSG for human consumption. BSG for human consumption can achieve a greater profit, bakers and flour manufacturers get a sustainable circular product, and you use local circular production.

Join our global online event

This is the time to look into the many other possibilities of brewers’ spent grain. Beer brewers, researchers, flour manufacturers, bakers or food processors, everyone worldwide is welcome to attend Foodvalley’s online brewer’s spent grain event. 

During the event we will show which applications for BSG there already are, besides animal feed. The event will cover market trends, insights, and opportunities.

A unique feature of the event is that time will also be set aside to connect interested parties through a matchmaking tool. This is optional. As part of the (Dutch) Week of Circular Economy, matching parties have the entire week to choose a convenient time to meet online.

This way, you can broaden your knowledge and network. Together you can research the possibilities with brewer’s spent grain that are interesting just for you.

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