Challenges for a circular built environment

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14:00 - 17:30

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Currently, the built environment consumes approximately 40% of all energy and 50% of all materials, with collateral environmental impact. Moreover, only 3% of all construction materials is being re-used on a high level after demolition, and most materials are downcycled. As part of the regiodeal, 10,000 dwellings and 120,000 m2 retail and utility floor area will be subtracted from the market in the Parkstad region in the south of the Netherlands. The challenge is how to re-use and recycle these materials in a circular flow to meet the challenges of the energy transition. In this session, different stakeholders and knowledge institutes will present their views and work in this field from the Netherlands and abroad, and provide guidance how face this three-fold challenge.


14:00-14:10:     opening and chair – Michiel Ritzen, zuyd university of applied sciences

14:15-14:35:     the Dutch transition agenda Circulair Building – n.t.b.

14:40-15:00:     Circular material mapping with the BOB model – TNO

15:05-15:25:     Circular experiences in the SuperLocal project- n.t.b. (

15:30-15:50:     Circular Facades – VUB

15:55-16:15:     Circular development in Germany – n.t.b.

16:15-16:45:     Round table discussion: How to face the three fold challenge of energy transition, circular material application and material flows from demolition?

16:45-17:30:     Drinks